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Has getting pregnant not come as easy as you thought?

Has being pregnant not been as glamorous as you envisioned?

Has becoming a parent not been what you thought it would be like?

Has dealing with your child's tantrums become a full time job?

Family Wellness Solutions---what are you waiting for

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Family Wellness Solutions was rated one of the "Best parenting groups in NYC"

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"Nanny Cams: Better Parental Control, or Violation of Caregiver Privacy?"

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Family Wellness Solutions specializes in addressing the unique challenges, anxieties and joys that women and couples face on their journey to parenthood and beyond.

Offering individual, couple and group support, Family Wellness Solutions works with families to minimize the feelings of loss of control and unwanted aloneness that often accompany this time in a couple’s life. Whether you are trying to conceive or are an expectant, new, or seasoned parent, we want to offer you support at any stage of your journey.

Our specialties include:

  • Infertility (Private Counseling or Group Support)
  • Difficulty Getting Pregnant (Private Counseling or Group Support)
  • Pregnancy Loss Issues First Time Pregnancy (Private Counseling or Group Support)
  • Pregnancy Loss Issues Growing Your Family (Private Counseling or Group Support)
  • Private counseling for Moms, Dads, Families
  • New Mom Wellness Support Groups
  • New Dads Support Group
  • Couple’s Support: Transitioning to Parenthood
  • Growing Wellness
  • Working Mama Wellness
  • Toddler Talk
  • Second Time Wellness Mama
  • Wellness Playgroups
  • Stay At Home Dad Support Group

All of our services were designed and are led by the founder of Family Wellness Solutions - Donna E. Ellenbogen, M.S.Ed., LCSW. Donna has over fifteen years experience providing individual, group and family support services.

Family Wellness Solutions was born out of a blend of child development theory, mind/body connection research, work with hundreds of couples and women, and Donna’s personal experience as a parent.

To sign up for a group – or make an appointment – please contact Family Wellness Solutions at: (917) 612-2720 or email Donna at: